EA 6: Top Pizza Spots

EA 6: Top Pizza Spots

Steel City Pizza & Sandwich Co.

At Steel City you'll enjoy a New York-style pizza, with a hand-tossed, thin-crust dough, complimented by a delectable crunch. For a reliable staple, their cheese and pepperoni is a strong choice but if you're looking for a flavorful adventure, we strongly recommend their White Pizza.

4801 Peach St, Erie, PA 16509
Phone: (814) 866-0337

Valerio’s Pizzeria

Possibly the most popular pizzeria in Erie, Valerio's is a can't miss! We strayed away from the traditional cheese and pepperoni at Valerio’s and opted for a hearty Buffalo Chicken Pizza instead. Valerio’s unique spin on the traditional buffalo chicken style offered a generous portion of lettuce and tomato toppings for a fresh look and taste. Check out one of their three convenient locations below:

2179 W 32nd St, Erie, PA 16508
Phone: (814) 833-2959

1803 E 38th St, Erie, PA 16510
Phone: (814) 825-2693

724 Powell Ave, Erie, PA 16505
Phone: (814) 833-8884

Virgil’s Plate

Boasting 500+ Google reviews and a 4.7 average rating, Virgil's offers square pies, homemade sauce and dough, plus convenient takeout. Order one of their fresh, local house specialities or a classic pie on your next pizza night. 

1001 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16507
Phone: (814) 474-7030

Slices on French

Slices on French is a downtown fan-favorite. If your mouth waters for a crispy classic, try Slices on French for the perfect thin-crust, crispy, old-world pepperoni pie.

723 French St, Erie, PA 16501
Phone: (814) 456-1806

Stevo’s Pizza

Also located in downtown Erie, Stevo’s is a casual pizzeria serving New York-style and deep dish pizzas, along with other comfort foods. Their Cajun Chicken Pizza with a unique honey mustard base is a MUST TRY and offers a delicious taste we couldn’t find anywhere else.

1019 State St, Erie, PA 16501
Phone: (814) 454-2418

John’s Wildwood Pizzeria

If you’re searching for a creamy, comforting pizza with delicious dough, look no further than John’s Wildwood Pizzeria. Their Broccoli Chicken Ranch Pizza is an instant favorite for our EA staff and we couldn’t recommend it enough.

6008 Knowledge Pkwy, Erie, PA 16510
Phone: (814) 314-2799

105 Erie St, Edinboro, PA 16412
Phone: (814) 734-7355