814 Day 2021

814 Day is back. Join us on August 14th, 2021 for our biggest sale event of the year!
If you’re new to “814 Day”, or if you’re returning for your second, third or fourth year, 814 Day is the effort of our team to bring our community together through our collective love for Erie — and to offer new and retired collections at dramatically discounted prices. Kind of a "warehouse sale" on steroids!
This year, you can expect to find $8 and $14 tees with Up to 70% Off our entire product catalog.
Not only that, but we’ve partnered with the City of Erie to offer a daylong event calendar with recreational activities for the whole family. Check out 814day.com for those details!
You won’t want to miss this once a year event.


814 Day FAQ:

Q: Is 814 Day an in-person or online event this year?
A: It’s both! We’re back at our Flagship Store on 12th Street this year with all of our best deals and largest discounts, but we’ll also have GREAT savings for online shoppers. Importantly, we’re shutting down our Mall location for the day to provide the best experience in one location.

Q: What can I find at 12th Street?
A: While we’d love to offer ALL of our past season and retired styles both online and in-store it’s just not possible logistically. So, our deepest discounts will largely be at 12th (that’s our limited availability items), while more well-stocked deals will be available to everyone, both online and in-store.

Q: If you want the largest selection of “warehouse” items...
A: Please plan to arrive as early as possible to 12th Street so you have first dibs on inventory and all the best discounts.

Q: What if I don’t want to wait in line or deal with a crowd of customers, but still want to save big?
A: If you’re looking to avoid the crowd and enjoy a quick checkout experience, we recommend shopping online on Saturday — we’ll have some GREAT deals online, including $14 tees (that’s more than 40% off) and our “Spotlight” Deals Collection.

Q: What are the hours on 814 Day?
A: Online Store: 8AM - Midnight; 12th Street: 8AM - 6PM; Millcreek Mall: CLOSED

Q: If I select “Next Day Pickup” when shopping online, how soon until my order be ready for pickup?
A: Due to expectedly higher order volume on 814 Day, our retail team will need some additional time for packing orders. *Please wait for a pickup confirmation email before coming in for your pickup.

Q: Can I return or exchange product I purchase on 814 Day?
A: Unfortunately, all clearance items available for purchase on 814 Day cannot be returned or exchanged.

Q: What if I have additional questions or need help with my order on 814 Day?
A: Please direct all customer service requests to our support email: help@erieapparel.co